Jhosimar Arias

About Me

I am an independent researcher and the founder of ML/DL Meetup AQP, a non-profit community of people interested in artificial intelligence.

I completed my master's degree in Computer Science at Institute of Computing , University of Campinas. My thesis focuses on the study of semi-supervised and unsupervised clustering based on deep generative models.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from National University of Saint Agustine. During my undergraduate years I had the opportunity to participate in several competitions such as ACM/ICPC international programming contest representing my university and online competitions (TopCoder, HackerRank, LeetCode).

As part of my professional experience I worked as software engineer for zAgile, a startup located in San Francisco, integrating software technologies such as Salesforce, Confluence and Jira.






Email: jariasf03 at gmail dot com